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Hey everyone, I created some 35mm film scavenger hunts during lockdown and thought I'd share my images from it. They're super fun and can be done on any 35mm camera, even a disposable! You can do the entire scavenger hunt in one day for an extra challenge or take your time with each image and be as creative as you want. I think they're fun because they help you create work thats outside your comfort zone or outside your normal kind of work. Charlie and I both did ours on the same day and our only rule was to finish all 36 images by the end of the day. It's harder than you think to stay creative! Check out my images and take some of your own. Post them here on the blog once your done, I'd love to see everyones work! Hope you enjoy!

Ashley Joyce
Charlie Cluff
Andrew Dutkiewicz
Andrew Dutkiewicz
Andrew Dutkiewicz
Dec 02, 2020

I've been looking for one of these for a while!!!! Going to do one soon!



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