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I am a Brooklyn, New York based photographer with an eye for the raw, candid nature, and innate beauty of the human form.  My work gravitates toward portraiture and sport with a focus around the curiosities of the human form and the paint-like qualities that can be found through manipulating light.  A love for photographing climbers has been brought on by my passion for taking part in the sport; and that passion derived from the complexities of climbing.  The style, backdrops, and personalities that make up the climbing world are something that intertwines effortlessly with the classical visual language and intimate portraiture I have always interpreted into my art.  In the end it is about the people I am surrounded by.  The camera assists me in rendering the emotions and connections I feel towards the individuals in the portraits I capture, and to find human stillness and intimacy amongst a precipitous sport, living within a tumultuous universe.

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Hailey Carlson: Text
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