In the time when the pandemic first started, everyone was in a position to stay in our homes and be quarantined until further notice. The quarantine took a toll on me. But instead of letting my feelings get to me, it was used as inspiration to express my feelings at the moment. I was utterly vulnerable to show this side and let myself be a photograph. But along with going beyond the limit of being photographed, there was the challenge of still doing shoots with others without having any contact with them.


That's when facetime shoots came to play. It was a challenge of not using a camera, but a screen on a computer and having to direct someone in a totally different way rather than being there in person. It was not only a great way to show that you don't need an incredible camera to shoot beautiful portraits, but that it was great to connect with people from a different time zone such as India. Overall, these photos express my creativity had never stopped even when there was a pandemic.