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Xavier Velasquez is a U.S Army Veteran who has studied in  different areas of the Arts including Cinematography, Photography  and Audio Engineering. His inspirations derive from fellow artists as  David Fincher, Gregory Crewdson, Dan Winters, Tod Campbell, and  many more. His passion for creating and collaborating is what drives  his work ethic.  

Based out of Brooklyn NY.

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The Mannequin series first started as a way for me to keep creating work while I waited for bigger things to come. but as I kept going and creating, it turned into more of an autobiography of myself. I noticed that The Mannequins were starting to reflect more of my life and how I have been felling about events that transpire throughout my day or week. At first, I looked at the mannequins as just that, mannequins. Now they are more of an extension of me.

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