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My artistic practice is based on dialogue: an open channel of communication between myself, my work and the audience. As John Berger says, “we never look at just one thing; we are always looking at the relation between things and ourselves.” For example, alongside my current Art Foundation at City and Guild, I am investigating modern perceptions about the meat industry and ways in which to challenge these.

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During my A-Levels I developed a fascination with sculpture, sparked by captivating works from the likes of Alina Szapocznikow and the Miaz brothers. I explored how classical sculpture was reappropriated in the modern world as a vehicle to express secular concerns. The Miaz Brothers, in their ‘Antimatter Series: A Boundless Vision’, illuminate current societal issues. Working with silicone I created ‘Drying rack of statues’, presenting distressed visceral fragments of neo-classical sculptures strung out across a drying rack. Here I played on Szpocznikow’s utilitarian use of everyday objects, such as in ‘Lampe Bouche’, creating duality between the silicone classical sculptures and a mundane drying rack.

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My artistic accomplishments at school were recognised with a scholarship and an ambassadorship representing Art and Photography. Additionally, I have developed my practice outside of school by completing an ‘Introduction to Life Drawing’ course at the Ruskin, a two-week drawing course at the Slade and a three-week ‘Exploration in Drawing’ course at Parsons, New York. I also loved gaining professional experience by working with photographer Will Pryce and contemporary artist Paul Insect. I learned how an artist develops their style while maintaining individuality. I enjoyed participating in the attRAct program 2019 at the RA. This hand-selected program has been so beneficial, supplying me with exceptional opportunities throughout 2019 including studio visits, talks from royal academicians and giving me a real insight into the reality of being a full-time professional artist.

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