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October 7th, 2020

An exhibition showcasing the work of artists from around the world who continued to create art throughout the global pandemic during lockdown.

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“The year of 2020 has been unlike anyone would have expected. The global pandemic has caused much change to people’s everyday lives with businesses shutting down, bars and restaurants closing and many people finding themselves without a job. Throughout this period people turned to the creative industry in order to keep entertained; watching movies, learning an instrument or picking up a paint brush etc. In this exhibition festival we want to showcase the work of friends and artists from around the world who have continued to make work throughout Lockdown out of their own pocket. Emphasising the importance of Art in these times and its use to prevent insanity.

The exhibition contains work of artists such as printmakers, sculptors, poets, writers, photographers, filmmakers, and fashion designers. Underlining the diversity of the artistic world and what people are capable of. The work is deliberately incoherent, creating an artistic festival environment to the exhibition, expanding the gallery to all mediums and genres.

The gallery was originally due to open for 2 weeks starting from the 3rd October but due to new Covid guidelines coming into place, our plans changed. We were still able to hold the live exhibition for a week from the 7th-14th October and then the work was moved to online. Although this is not as we originally thought the gallery be shown, it actually works out for the best. This way, more people from around the world are able to come into contact with the work. Many of the artists themselves were unable to visit due to travel restrictions and this allows them to see their work alongside other artists in a more accessible way. I hope that this online exhibition will encourage more people to be creative and try something new if we are to end up in another lockdown.”

Click here: Virtual tour of live exhibition

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 It’s been an emotional roller coaster putting this thing together, with the rules and regulations constantly changing and art trying to get here from all over the world, it was always a debate as to whether this would ever be able to go ahead. But it did. 

A.R.T. ran for one week from the 7th-14th October 2020. In a time of limbo, where England was on the cusp of another lockdown and in fear and doubt of what was to come. 

I feel that this is an important exhibition and one that across the world people should see. Although the date of the gallery and the length of time that it was due to be open had changed multiple times throughout the build up of the event, it actually gave me time and the inspiration to create this online gallery which I think has probably turned out for the best. This way more people, and more of the artists themselves, are able to see this work and let it inspire more creativity in the future. 

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