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I’m Daniel and I create new clothes out of old clothes. I’m English and live in Reigate. A year ago, I graduated from Nottingham Trent University where I studied BA Product Design. I wrote my dissertation about “The environmental impact of the fashion industry: consumer knowledge and potential solutions”. After graduating I realised that I enjoyed designing and making clothes more than traditional “products”. I am fascinated by a wide range of fashion designers as well as the development of the sustainable fashion movement. I post my upcycled fashion experiments on my Instagram account.

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I taught myself to sew around two years ago. I was buying lots of trousers from charity shops, so I learnt how to tailor them to fit me properly. For my final project at university, I redesigned the Deliveroo uniform and bag to improve the design specifically for its purpose. This project merged my product design knowledge and pushed my sewing skills as these were the first items I had made from scratch. This inspired me to experiment more with fashion design as I was already very interested in streetwear and high fashion.

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After graduating I started deconstructing clothes to see how they were made. I then started experimenting with clothing from charity shops, kilo sales and old items I had. Unfortunately, my job got in the way of my creations but then lockdown gave me time to reignite my creativity giving me the time to experiment, learn and to create new things. During lockdown I also made scrubs for GP surgeries and care homes in my local area.
Most of these pieces here today are initial experiments or first attempts. I have learnt a lot from each project. I try to experiment with lots of different techniques to see what I enjoy doing and what works best. Throughout lockdown my sewing skills improved a lot and I now feel confident making a wide range of items. I want to continue upcycling and experimenting to make new clothes, shoes and accessories. I want to become more involved in the fashion industry and bring my ideas to life as well as encouraging a more environmentally conscious future for fashion.

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