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Deborah Campbell is a sustainable fashion chain specialist, lecturer, writer, podcaster, and agent for change. Deborah’s 26 - year career in fashion manufacturing & retail, fashion yields a breadth of diverse work culture experience and practice.  As an entrepreneur, founding Deborah Campbell Atelier, a sustainable womenswear label alongside pursuing a university lecturing role in Fashion Marketing & Management, Deborah has built equity recognition into her everyday actions.  Everyday sexism, racism and ableism have been at the forefront of Deborah’s work both in ethics in the fashion industry and with Future Fe+Male and the Born Equal podcast. In 2019 Deborah was diagnosed with ADHD, which has opened up a wider focus on equality and inclusivity in the neuro-diverse space.

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‘The Gift of Time’ was written as a way to process the stark reality of human’s locking down to prevent millions of deaths. Writing poetry is a meditative process for me, like wrapping a duvet around me to feel warm and safe. A way to order my thoughts into a meaningful response to the chaos around me, and the chaos in my brain, the constant barrage of thoughts that jump from one great idea to the next!



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