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Maren in the Afternoon

Featuring MAREN LORD


May, 2020

A not-so-cursory reflection on how one might act in their own home when observed, and what viewing the outcome provokes in them during these a time of distancing and isolation.

While in quarantine, I looked at old footage I shot of my good friend, Maren. She is an actor. We met on a film set in May of 2019. I asked to photograph her and ever since she has been one of my favorite people to get to know and observe. During the time we have spent together, I found myself reflecting on trust and comfort, and how crucial these two elements are in sustaining a creative alliance. The imagery shown here, I recorded on 16mm film one Saturday afternoon several months ago. We had made plans to hike the following day and looked at trails while Maren was preparing an early dinner. Around 5 PM, the sun crept in and cast a perfect square of light on the wall, like a picture frame.

Hanging around the house then, we didn’t feel enclosed or trapped. We could walk out the door and the outside would have welcomed us, arms open. That day, Maren and I could never have predicted what is now our reality due to the pandemic, and so revisiting the footage, each frame has grown with a sense of remoteness, even desolation. Suddenly, it has become something else, something more privy to the current headspace we all find ourselves in.

Kodak 7222 tri-x [16mm]
Recorded on the Canon Scoopic 16
Processing and digitization by Metropolis Post, NY
Official Selection- Lift-Off Sessions 2020

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