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Title: The Antonelli Family

Inspired by energy, these quarantine works depict the forever changing aura of the artist, Hayley Antonelli. As she reflects on the different people in her life, each painting portrays the specific aura energy influenced by different individuals’ outer forces. These aura paintings uncover the truth about adapting ones subconscious to have the ability to fully immerse oneself into the energy of love.

Photo prints of art each: £35

Hayley Antonelli: Text
Hayley Antonelli: Pro Gallery

The Astral Adventures of Aura and Sunshine

Draft #3

By: Hayley and Keif Antonelli 

It had been a long day and Aura was all ready to jump into bed. Unwrapping the bed by pulling the blanket down from the top, Sunshine, Aura’s spirit puppy, popped out from under the blanket. One leg at a time, Aura crawled into bed. Laying on her back, she took a deep breath in, filling her belly with air before filling her lungs. The air then escaping her she breathed in again. As her breathing focused, her energy concentrated into a small ball of light between her eyebrows. Exhaling again Aura’s light ball of energy rose up into the cosmos following Sunshine as they began to explore the darkness above them.

A short way across the void of expanse and Aura’s light ball of energy and Sunshine came upon the planet Mars. Aries Ram introduced to them the energetic fire that started it all. Aura’s light ball of energy swirled up to the ram of Aries and asked, “What makes your spark grow?” The Aries Ram replied, “Direct and uncomplicated active energy”. Impatience erupting from the Aries Ram, Aura’s light ball of energy and Sunshine were whisked away by a faraway beauty.

Aura’s light ball of energy and Sunshine swished down on to Venus where the lovely Taurus Bull was waiting patiently. Inquiring, Aura’s light ball of energy wandered out into space, “What is adoration?”

 Reliably stubborn, the ruler of love, attraction, and beauty, Taurus Bull replied, “I am.” 

Whisking away Aura’s ball of energy flew away back into the expanse. 

Aura’s light ball of energy and sunshine soared along to Mercury to meet the Gemini Twins. Gentle, affectionate, and curious these twins immediately begin chatting to each other considering the qualities Aura’s light ball of energy and Sunshine contained.

“What are you searching for?” Asked the Gemini Twins. 

Sunshine looked at Aura’s light ball of energy and said, “We are all on our own journey, and we change it every day.”

 “We may not know what we are searching for, but we will let you know what we find.” Aura’s light ball of energy looked back at Sunshine.

Looking back, Aura’s light ball of energy pulled Sunshine into the moon’s ebb and flow. In the middle of the fast-powerful force they notice Cancer Crab pushing and pulling all the water into motion. They call out to Cancer Crab through the noisy distance, “Why are you creating such commotion?” 

“The water needs to flow” answered Cancer Crab pushing them away.

The shining rays of the Sun were too bright to ignore for much longer, as it lit up Aura’s light ball of energy and Sunshine’s path.  A solar flare emerged out of the fiery ball and galloped over and they were delighted when they realized the flair, as it approached closer, was Leo Lion. Slowing to a trot, the Leo Lion exclaimed, “Welcome to the solar abundance of light and warmth.”

Absorbing the natural flow of energy Aura’s light ball of energy and Sunshine zoomed off.

Soaring back by Mercury, Virgo Maiden called out to their presence, “Are you on the right path?” Sunshine checked their trajectory and confirmed, “We’re seeking the dark places to then fill them with light.” 

“Best of luck” answered Virgo Maiden from behind as they had already flown so far past Mercury they were coming upon Venus. 

Swept up into the air and settled by Libra Balance Scales. Questioning Aura’s spark of light and Sunshine, Libra Balancing Scales called out, “What energy is pulling you, and what energy are you leaving in your path?”

“Lovingkindness” pushed along Aura’s spark of energy and Sunshine.

As Aura’s light ball of energy and Sunshine looped back around Mars, Scorpio Scorpion tail shot out, wrapped them up and dragged them in. “Why did you pull us in so close and so fast?” wondered Sunshine.

“I didn’t want you to fly away and forget to visit.” confessed Scorpio Scorpion.

“We are right here” thought Aura’s light ball of energy.  

“Thank you for visiting” Scorpio Scorpion. 

“It was our pleasure” graciously Scorpio Scorpion pushed Aura’s light ball of energy and Sunshine off in a trajectory towards lucky Jupiter. 

Circling around Jupiter, Aura’s light ball of energy and Sunshine noticed arrows shooting off from the surface. Searching nearer to the source, Sagittarius Archer was drawing their next bow. Flying directly through sunshine into Aura’s light ball of energy the arrow struck with bull’s eye perfection. “Why are you shooting at us?” barked out Sunshine.

“To inspire and start your fire” Sagittarius Archer arrow answered back. 

Ignited, they spun off towards Saturn.

Gradually approaching Capricorn Sea goat, Aura’s light ball of energy and Sunshine’s orbit slowed down to a march. “How do you know what direction to go?” inquired Aura’s light spark of energy. 

“Put one foot in front, and the next will follow.” spoke the Capricorn Sea goat.

And so, they continued on, all the way over to Uranus. Aquarius Water-bearer exploded out of the surface with a spicy gust of energy. Charging and screaming, “Look at how far you’ve come!” This energy knocked Aura’s light ball of energy and Sunshine twisting them all around.

“Look at how far we’ve come” they said together in commotion.  

Swirling around in the space Aura’s light ball of energy and sunshine soared through the vastness of space until they landed on Neptune. Crashing down, Aura’s light ball of energy seemed to dim.

Sunshine shaking off the landing noticed immediately and ran over licking her face and filling her back up with energy.

Beginning to glow bright again, Aura’s light ball of energy soared around and saw all the friends they had made on their journey. One new friend was there with the rest, Pisces Fish. “What is your wisdom?” asked Aura’s light ball of energy. “Remember the friends you’ve made and the words they’ve spoken to you. They exist still even when you can’t see them.”

 “Till next time my friends” Aura’s light ball of energy pulled away and soared past all the powerful places explored.

In the blink of an eye Aura’s light ball of energy returned between Aura’s eyebrows. Waking up the human body, Aura turned in bed towards the sun. Feeling the warmth embrace the skin on their cheek and forehead, Aura felt the lovingkindness of all the energy from their journey and rose with ignition with the new day. 

Till next time…



Hayley Antonelli: Text
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