My name is Isobelle Pitceathly I'm 23 years old and am currently studying my MA Architecture. Alongside architecture art has been a longstanding hobby of mine. I finished my third year in the peak of the Covid -19, with little opportunities for work and no chance to travel abroad I decided to pursue my art over summer, not only as a hobby but provide me with an income ready for university. I was initially commissioned a series of three chickens, where each chicken would depict a characteristic of the clients. I used pastels as the medium for these.


Second to this I was commissioned a larger oil painting spanning over two canvases, this painting was based off a cropped picture of a face, where I abstracted this using a chosen colour pallet and a range of dramatic brushstrokes to create a bold in-depth piece of art work. 

My most recent commission was of a mother and daughter using acrylic paint and loose brush strokes, I feelI was able to create a warming yet meaningful piece. 


I am now taking commissions throughout my studies and am open to any suggestions for new pieces. Please contact me with any queries on 07721395685 or follow me