In the Summer of 2016 housemates George and Owen packed their bags and set off for their first international Pride experience. Fresh off the plane in Tel Aviv, they anticipated a weekend of loud music, mayhem and beautiful people - but what they found resonated much deeper: 200,000 people of all ages, genders and sexualities celebrating each other in a festival of acceptance and joy.

This diverse community left them with the profound feeling that they’d discovered something truly special. But how to bottle the magic and bring it home?​


Nursing hangovers on the beach over lukewarm beverages, the boys hit upon their eureka moment: while they’d had the time of their lives the night before, they hadn’t found anything they’d wanted to drink.

A combination of unhealthy options, inflated prices and corporate brands jumping on the Pride bandwagon didn’t resonate with their euphoric experience, and the boys spent the day discussing their ‘perfect' drink.

By the time they’d returned home, the plan to launch LuvJus was set firmly in their sights.


Blood Orange, Pomegranate, Korean Ginseng & Vodka 

1x12 £ 25.00

1x24        £ 50.00

Pineapple, Mint, Jasmine, Korean Ginseng & Vodka  

1x12        £ 25.00  

1x24        £ 50.00 

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