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NOIDEA. is a fashion label designed for those who want to express themselves through style, comfort and confidence. Alongside our fashion house, we pride ourselves on offering a record label; providing cutting edge events within the underground music scene.

NODIEA: Pro Gallery

How was NOIDEA. born?

Starting out on a university budget, NOIDEA. was sewn together by James Riches in 2013. James originally inspired a wide variety of underground music events and sets, which were accompanied by a collection of high-quality garments. Since this moment, NOIDEA. has primarily focused on the music label side of things, with events being organised earlier this year in Australia, for the Australian Bush Fires and regular music mixes released by James himself.


Throughout lockdown 2020, the NOIDEA. Fashion House has been reinvigorated through the minds of James, Fergal and Aidan. Fergal and Aidan joined the team in March and relaunched the fashion house of NOIDEA. alongside James. This has allowed James to pursue the record label / events side of the business more vigorously. The three of us racked our brains to create a new, refreshed brand through offering high quality, different and trendy garments. Styled around a streetwear and underground vibe, our garments represent cutting edge style whilst portraying an image of what we deem to be cool and trendy, as well as appealing to a unisex market.

We pride our fashion house on an ‘everyone and everywhere’ notion. We style our clothing for everyone, there are no limitations to who or where our designs and garments are worn, we were bored of gender dominated, overpriced fashion we were seeing, so we did something about it!

We hope you enjoy our artwork and garments!


Grey/Black 1/4inch Zip Stag Tag Jumper: £39

White T-shirt: £22

Black Crew Neck Sweatshirt: £35

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