Four online college classes later and I began keeping record of all my classmates bedrooms and humanizing my teachers with the relation to their homes. Zoom has allowed me to enter the virtual realm of being a peeping tom. As much as I would like to simply photograph people in their bedrooms. I found a lack of depth in the scenario. When I question what work excites me I tend to look for drama, a scenario thats totally unrealistic yet is realistically an emphasis on the situation.

We are all going collectively insane and Covid-19 allowed people to let their boredom take over and collaborate with me for a night. The thought process began by being overly active on social media and whomever gave me the most open hearted responses, no matter our degree of familiarity, I invited to my mysterious zoom link. My common response after a session was holy shit this person needed to talk. They were never merely just a photoshoot but a low down on that persons state mind. After our therapy introduction, it was time to exist in their space as a computer.

Only calling them at night gave me the ability to control the lighting in their spaces entirely. I would ask for only lamps or LED lights to be on and then for a tour of the space, it was all intuition from there. Diffusing lamps with white t-shirts or bouncing lights off their ceilings, it was a test in my ability to makeshift studio techniques with mastering my direction of posing.

It was like a sleep over party in the time of Covid-19. Therefore I wanted the outfits to remain pajamas but the body language to communicate I’m going insane in this box called my bedroom. The platform of zoom that became suddenly as a major role in maintaining our lives outside of our homes became my only way to photograph people. It went from a business only setting to an intimate social interaction and finally a creative space.