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I've been a pinball lately.

Bouncing from screenplay writing to editing to short stories to poetry to music to editing and all over.

All over. All over. All over.

I started writing a short story in August and it has gotten to the point of not-so-short story... classic...

Hey! Here are some 35mm favorites from the set of my most recent short film (which was shot in a bubble under SAG Covid restrictions). Had my little AE-1 around my neck for most of it and while the crew set up, I was checking my monitor... and stealing a couple of snaps before each scene, before calling action. This one was especially cozy...

Austin Gill
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December 2, 2020 · joined the group.

A Passage on the Consumption of Poetry:

I would like to take a second of your time to delve into the absorption of poetic writing.

It is a disconnected -

- bucket -

Austin Gill
Charlie Cluff


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